Worried About You Or Your Family Being Hurt In A Violent Attack?
"How Families Protect Themselves...
Without Being Martial Arts Experts Or Owning A Weapon!"
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Inside Of Today's Free Presentation...

Secret #1: Staying Safe

STOP Worrying About How You're Going To Keep Your Family Safe

Secret #2: Train Less

Discover The Best Way To Defend Yourself With Less Training

Secret #3: Build Confidence

Have More Confidence When Facing Difficult Situations

Secret #4: Needed Tools

Gives You The Tools You Need To Protect Yourself And Your Family

How To Actually Turn Popular Home Items Into Powerful Weapons!

Home Weapon Secrets

Online Training Course

Here's What You'll Discover...

The secrets to protecting yourself and your family, even if you're not a martial arts expert...
  • Long Staff Tactics: Use longer items like a broom, golf club, hockey stick, or cane as a weapon which means you can stop attackers at a distance before they ever get close to you.
  • Short Stick Tactics: Use shorter lighter items like a rolling pin, tennis racket, tire iron, or short pipe as a weapon so even if you're not strong you can generate a lot of stopping power.
  • Knife Tactics: Use small sharp items like a kitchen knife, pocketknife, nail file, or screwdriver as a weapon so you can keep them close and use them anytime your life is in danger.
  • 24/7 Access: Train any time you want which makes it easier to find a time that fits your busy schedule.

Recommended By Leading Experts In Self-Defense

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“Since my son joined the martial arts program, his character has grown for the better because of the ongoing encouragement and empowerment provided by Sensei Richard and the other instructors. I highly-recommend this program.”
Mark Jones, PhD
Proud Father & Ecotech International Executive
“Being a busy mom and having a full-time demanding job leaves me very little time for myself. Sensei Richard created a program which helped me reach my goals fast. I feel strong, healthy, and self-confident. It was the best thing I did for myself.”
Katya Hera
Busy Professional Mom
“I wanted to get back in shape after having a baby and the Inner Hero cardio kickboxing class was a perfect fit. Not only did I loose weight, but I'm getting more fit all the time. It helps me manage stress, gain greater mental health, and I've made great friends.”
A.J. Willan
Busy Mom & Kick-Ass Kickboxer

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